It all starts here…

Hi lovelies, my name is Shianne and I want to share my knowledge of natural hair with you. Being a 4c curly girl can be tough but just know you’re not in it alone! Here were going to concur our hair battles and reach longer lengths, together! Keep up with the latest natural hair trends and tricks here. Not only will we discuss and swap hair tips, but I’m going to also be sharing styling and fashion tips.  Lets show the world kinkz can have style too, the journey begins now!

4 thoughts on “It all starts here…

  1. great blog! i looked through all the posts and can’t seem to find a post on your transition. am i missing it? did you big chop or not? how long have you been natural? and many more questions. thanks!


  2. spoke too soon. i found the transformation story. but the questions still remain: did you big chop or not? how long have you been natural? do you have any lessons or pitfalls you made during the transition? yes i am transitioning (11 weeks without relaxer) and would love to hear more about your experience. thank you!


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