DIY Hair Diary

Welcome to my DIY Hair Diary series where I share all my secret hair recipes to help grow long and healthy hair! We’re going to start off the series with moisture. Moisture is extremely important for coarser textured hair because it get dry very easily.Looking for inexpensive ways to moisturize your natural hair? Take a peek into my DIY Diary for homemade recipes!

Moisturizing Aloe Vera Spray:

It is crucial for hair types 3A-4C to remain moisturized at all times for our curls to stay healthy and thriving! For this inexpensive aloe vera spray you will need 3 ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice, Glycerine, and your favorite oil. Aloe Vera Juice is one of the best moisturizing agents for naturally curly hair, providing tons of health benefits and manageability. Glycerine is another component that draws moisture to the hair and is also a great organic detangler, which is crucial because those curls can get terribly tangled! Lastly, you will add in your favorite oil. Coarser textured hair needs plenty of oils to help seal in all the moisture your hair is getting. When adding an oil on top of moisture it helps lock it in, helping your hair stay moisturized longer. I find that for this particular recipe the best oil to use is olive oil, but sweet almond, castor, or Grapeseed oil will all work just fine. Mix this together and spray on your hair every morning and night or when you feel your hair just needs a boost!

Moisturizing Deep Penetrating Hair Masque:

So you flat ironed your hair this week and you want your curls back, what do you do? Try this moisturizing hair masque and watch those curls pop right back, better than ever! The ingredients to this all homemade hair masque are Avocado, Honey, Mayonnaise, and your favorite essential oils. Avocado is fantastic for moisturizing hair but be careful, it must be extremely ripe and easy to mash to effectively be distributed throughout the hair. You do not want to have huge chunks of avocado in your hair, ew! Honey is another humectant, it draws tons of moisture to your hair and also provides shine to your strands. This ingredient will ensure that you’re curly locks are shiny and vibrant. Next up we have mayonnaise…Why mayonnaise you ask? Mayo is a great protein for the hair, which adds back the strength you lose when you manipulate your hair or use direct heat such as a flat iron or blow dryer. So, this ingredient is going to help those damaged strands come back together again. Now that we have the base for our deep conditioner we want to add in our oils. My favorite oils for this treatment is Coconut oil, castor oil, and peppermint oil. All these stimulate the hair strands and scalp promoting hair growth. Especially peppermint oil, this essential oil is great as it provides the scalp with a tingly feeling once applied. (Only use 3-7 drops) Do this treatment every 2 weeks under a heated cap or hooded dryer, the heat will help the treatment penetrate the hair making the hair extremely soft and manageable.


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