Tips for Reconstructing Damaged Hair

Hey there kinky krew!

I wanted to come to you guys and share some tips that worked for me when I first started my hair journey. My hair was severely damaged and broken but after a year of following these steps my hair began to flourish!


For whatever reason, I use to be afraid of any type of moisture. Whether it was water, leave-in, conditioner, I was not using it! After coming to the light, I realized  this is what was killing my hair! The second I added it into my regimen my hair immediately had a huge turn around. I began moisturizing and sealing every-night, even the nights I was extremly tired and already in bed, better believe I was getting right back up to put some leave-in and coconut oil in my hair! Lol. I saw results within weeks just from doing that alone. If you do nothing else I recommend, do this one!

Step 2: Keep your hair and scalp clean.

As a teenager I can remember always having dandruff and an itchy scalp, once I began really caring for my hair and learning how often it should be washed that all changed. When I first started my hair journey I washed once a week, every Sunday like clock work -it was washday. I feel this step also aided my hair because it was finally able to breathe without all of that gunk stifling my scalp for weeks. Remember that a clean scalp is the foundation for healthy strong hair to grow!

Step 3: Deep Condition on wash days!

This is another step that is crucial to repairing damaged hair. You want to make sure your hair has a good protein/moisture balance to reconstruct your hair. Find a good Protein and Moisture deep conditioner and alternate each week. A deep conditioner is going to say Masque, Deep conditioner, or use key words such as penetrate or treatment on the packaging. With your conditioner of choice, apply to sections of your hair and leave in for about an hour with a plastic cap. If you have a hooded dryer or heated cap use to help the conditioner penetrate. You can also heat your deep conditioner then apply it!


There’s no point in harping on the fact that your hair is damaged, so let it go! (Ok that sounded a little harsh lol) Yes, hair is a big deal to a lot of us but it grows, so let it! Take care of it but most importantly, leave it alone. Find a nice protective style that’ll allow you to leave your hair be. I enjoyed wearing buns and wigs during my “damaged stage” and before I knew it my hair had grown out tremendicouly. It’s all about how you precieve things, damaged hair isn’t the end of the world and it’ll pass!


I hope this helped you guys in some way and I’d love to hear your feedback! Leave me a comment 🙂

9 thoughts on “Tips for Reconstructing Damaged Hair

  1. Hey, I’ve been struggling with breakage for a long long time now so I’ve decided to get a wash and trim tomorrow then I’ll do a deep condition next week following your ‘moisturising deep penetrating hair masque’ guide. I haven’t seen anything on your site about trims. What do you think about them?

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    1. Trims are really good for maintaining healthy ends and preventing further breakage. So I strongly encourage them! I need one myself lol let me know if you anymore questions! 💜💜


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