Product Review: Miss Jessie’s Stretch Silkening Creme

Hey there kinky krew!

So, I was super excited to try a Miss Jessie’s product because she’s like the OG of natural hair care products. Her stuff has been around for so long and from what I hear everyone seems to love them. (With the exception of the complaints I hear about the price, everyone seems to be living for Miss Jessie lol)  So when I ran into this curl creme at my local Ross for just $5.99 I was jumping for joy internally because I’ve been dying to get my hands on a product of hers and you couldn’t beat the price with a stick! (This product retails for $22.00 at Target). I was so excited that I threw it in my basket without even looking at the ingredients! (I KNOW…this is normally something I would not do but hey it’s Miss Jessie, right?)  So I get home, do my wash routine and when i’m getting ready to do my twistout I reach for my Miss Jessie’s. I realize I hadn’t even looked at the ingredients, not thinking twice that they would be any less than amazing, I turn the jar around and was immediately shocked and disappointed. I’m reading the ingredients and to my surprise I see…Water, and the very next ingredient ya’ll is Mineral Oil. I couldn’t believe it! After all I had heard about her products being so “the bomb” mineral oil is the second ingredient? ( Miss Jessie tried it!!) And to top it off not only was this curl creme filled with Mineral Oil, but there’s Dimethicone in it! From that point, I already knew my hair was going to hate it but I decide to give it a shot anyway. (I had my clarifying shampoo ready though lol) I continue on to twisting out my hair with the creme. The consistency is pretty thick but it didn’t go on my hair very thick and it just kind of sat there. It didn’t absorb into my hair it just kind of coated it, my hair felt so yucky! The next day when I took my twists down I noticed my hair felt super dry and just…bleh. It wasn’t soft or moisturized like when I use my other leave-ins or my DIY moisturizing spray. I ended up wearing a bun and puff for about 3 days and then I clarified that mess out of my hair.

Sorry to say but I give this product an F. It’s nothing like what I thought my first “Miss Jessie’s experience” would be, and I’m so glad I had my moment of impulse at Ross and not in the Beauty Supply Store (I would have paid full price for sure lol).

Have you guys tried any Miss Jessie’s products? Let’s chat down below!

7 thoughts on “Product Review: Miss Jessie’s Stretch Silkening Creme

  1. Great review. The only product I use and love from Miss Jessie’s is their “Baby Buttermilk” creme it works wonders for my kinky hair.


  2. Shaloam . Sorry ladies but I love misse jessies hair products 6 years ago i decided to ditch the perms because it was weakening my hair and causing the crown of my head to thin so I cut all of my hair off to what we call a ( twa). And to my surprise, my (twa) grew in 4 months I was blown away. I used the shampoo, conditioner,and the best part of this was the leave in Condish. It was such a great moisturizer and left my hair soft and manageable and the way it absorbed in my hair was another plus and then I used a thick coconut oil by oliology which is the bomb ladies it is not greasy and it really absorbs well in my hair. Finally, miss Jessie baby butter ,what can I say it smelled really good and not only that, it soothed my scalp. These products left my hair naturally soft and smelling super good and my hair today is stronger no breakage ,yes the products are expensive but so is a perm and the products you have to buy to keep your perm to look good. So I am a big fan of miss Jessie because I stuck with it on my hair journey and it paid off.and[ aside note don’t complain about what’s in it because before all these new hair products came out ,we were all using blue magic and afro sheen and our hair grew and smelled good and shiny ]. Finally find out what works for your hair because remember my sisters we all have about 4or more hair types in our own hair.(just saying)😉😉😉😉


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