How to Style & Care for Mini-Twists

Hey there kinky krew!

I’ve been searching for a protective style that could help me manipulate my hair less often and I came up with mini-twists! Mini twists are just what they sound like, twists that are a little bit smaller than you would do for a twist out. I would then just style them in different ways throughout the week! Here’s how I do and care for  my mini twists during a normal week to keep them moisturized and looking fresh.

  1. On freshly washed deep conditioned (about 75% dry) hair, I grab a leave-in and an oil to begin twisting my hair. I used my JBCO Shea Moisture leave-in and my mixture of avocado, peppermint, grapeseed and castor oil (any moisturizing leave-in and oil will work just fine those are just my preference).
  2. The twisting process should take you about 2 1/2 hours but once you’re finished it’ll be worth it because you have a week of easy styling ahead of you! Once you have all your twists complete lay those edges and play around with them! I came up with a couple cute hairstyles right away. After you’re done, make sure to tie up you hair every night with a satin scarf to keep them looking as fresh as possible.
  3. As soon as you wake up remove your scarf and shake those twists out. You don’t want to be walking around with that “I just woke up and my twists are stuck to my head look” because that’s not cute! lol. I also like to shower without my scarf on to let the moisture from the steam get to my twists to liven them up a bit! (This step does more than you think.)
  4. After my hair has some life back into it, time to grab my spray bottle and really moisturize. For a boost of even more moisture, I like to spray my Aloe Vera mix throughout my twists. It’s very important that your hair remains moisturized while you’re in your mini twists. (Your spray bottle will become your best friend.)
  5. Now it’s time to style. I like to bring down a couple twists in the front to frame my face and finger coil the bottom to help form my curls. I find that the product “Goddess Curls” is absolutely perfect for this step. I just take a small amount and wrap the ends of my twists around my fingers and I have these really pretty ringlet curls. (The shine this product gives my hair is amazing!) After my bang is complete I like to clip the rest up with a couple banana clips and the look is complete!
  6. I like to wash and condition every week while in this style, then I will redo my twists on Sunday.

I’ve been loving this style so much because it’s easy and super low maintenance while still giving me that Chic and Sophisticated look for work. I’ve found that repeatedly wearing tight buns and puffs can be damaging to the edges and can put unwanted tension on different parts of the scalp. This style has given me an alternative to my beloved buns and puffs because I’m able to closely clip my hair up with banana clips and I’m no longer dependant on hair ties and other tight hair accessories. (These hair accessories can damage your hair with repeated use). I think this is going to be my protective style until I straighten my hair for the first time at the end of December for New Years’. I will keep you guys updated on my growth journey and how much progress I make along the way!

What was your hair growth journey goals for 2016? (Mine is Armpit Length!) Did you meet them? What did you do to achieve them? Let’s chat in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “How to Style & Care for Mini-Twists

  1. Great Post & beautiful hair style. I have not attempted to go natural yet, but I admire the women whom have been able to make it work. My hair growth has been steady over the past three years since I decided to only perm my hair twice a year. My hair length is at my shoulders.


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