Professional Natural Hairstyles for Work

Hey there kinky krew 🙂

I love finding cute protective styles and I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite updo’s and buns I do for work. These styles can be achieved with any length of hair and are going to protect your hair throughout the day. I prefer to wear my hair up to work to keep my ends shielded and out of the way. Please don’t be scared to add in some fake braiding hair if you want a more dramatic look, no one will know if you have a little help here or there so go for it!

  1. Puff/Bun with side Twist


My first look is this puff/bun with a side twist. It’s easy to do and looks very chic making people think you spent hours doing your hair when you actually spent minutes.  This is one of my absolute favorite ways to wear my hair to work due to it’s simplicity. This sleek do will give you the confidence to walk in the office and begin ruling the boardroom better than ever!

2. Mini twist French Roll Updo


This style will take a little longer to achieve while you’re doing your mini twists but there are endless ways to style them. (My mini twists take me about 7-8 to install) This is just one of the ways I like to style my twists for work. I just gather my twists behind my head, roll them to the either the right side or left side and use about 2 small banana clips to hold them up. Once again, another quick and easy updo that will keep your hair out of your face and off your shoulders throughout your work day.

3. Kinky High Mega Puff


This style is for those casual Fridays when you want to slay the office before the weekend or  if you’re simply feeling a little girly and want to show off that big natural hair! This style can be worn any day of the week and will look great with business casual attire or a pair of jeans. I found that my Mega Puffs look best on an old twist out so I’m able to get maximum volume and stretch, with a little extra texture. (You can also pick it out for less defined bigger hair) I personally love this look and pull it out when I’m feeling bold!


What are your favorite hairstyles to rock to work? Share them down below!

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