90 Day Hair Growth Challenge

Hey kinky krew!

I have recently had a huge revelation with my hair and I just had to come on here and share it with you guys. So I removed my mini twists after having them in for about a month (I took them down once and reinstalled them, but that has been my primary style for about a month) and the change in my hair is amazing. My hair looks fuller, my curls are popping more, and the amount of growth I’ve gotten in just a month is CRAZY. I think my product junkie days are over because what I’m doing and the products I’m using are really working. The results speak for themselves! So I will definetly be continuing with mini-twisting my hair until the end of December and I encourage you guys to join. (Even if you don’t want to wear mini-twists the tips can be helpful to any hair regimen!)

Here’s what I’ve been doing for the past month:

  1. I no longer use combs or brushes. My fingers are the only utensils I use when dealing with my hair. This has allowed me to be more meticulous when detangling and removing knots. Combs and brushes have the tendency to pull out hair unnecessarily so I just prefer to take the extra time and use my good ole’ fingers for the job.
  2. I removed sulfates from my regimine. I noticed that shampoo’s just make my hair feel dry and brittle so I just cut them out completely. I don’t know if I will ever add shampoos back in (If I do it will only be like once or twice a year) but for now I’m living for that cowash life lol. My current favorite is the As I am Coconut Cowash, which i’m sure you guys have all heard of, if not, try it I promise it will change your life! Lol.
  3. I moisturize daily with Aloe Vera Juice. With my twists installed I spray aloe vera juice liberally about twice a day to keep them moisturized. This is my main source of moisture and my hair is not even missing the thousands of leave-ins I have pilled in my cabinet!
  4. I seal with an oil. After moisturizing my hair I reach for my oil mix and coat the ends of my twists. Lately, I’ve been loving the mixture avocado oil, grapeseed, JBCO, and peppermint. I also oil my scalp with this same mixture 2 or 3 times a week. I think this is what has attributed to the thickness i’ve seen in my hair.
  5. Take your twists out after 6 weeks. I do not exceed 3 weeks in the same set of mini-twists but I have heard of some people going up to 6 weeks, it’s all about what you feel comfortable doing with your hair. I also touch up my twists about once a week ( I just touch up where I see my twists are beginning to look messy). After I’m ready to take down my twists for a wash ( I don’t wash my twists because I feel like thats just asking for knots when it’s time to take them down lol) I thoroughly detangle and let my hair rest for 2 days. I will then do my wash day routine and reinstall my mini-twists.

This routine is very simple but it has my hair looking so healthy and growing faster than ever! Sometimes you just need to cut out all that extra stuff and stick to the basics. If you guys do decide to try out this routine for 90 days use the hashtag #minitwistchallenge on instagram so we can follow eachothers progress. Check out the growth i’ve seen so far!



The picture on the left was taken July 16th and the one to the right was taken September 16th. My hair went from the top of my neck to the bottom (unstretched) in 2 months!

If you’re at a point within your hair journey that you feel like you’re not seeing any growth, I encourage you to give this challenge a shot! Happy growing ladies! 🙂


14 thoughts on “90 Day Hair Growth Challenge

  1. Oh wow! As much as I love wearing my Regal Lady Hair wig units I may have to try this! I’ve been letting my natural hair breathe for the last week and as much as I love my twist outs I love just throwing on my wigs and stepping out of the house but I will definitely use a lot of the information in this blog post. Thanks :-*

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  2. I will definitely try this and tag you. I may not have all the oils you have tho. I was also worried about knotting and tangling. But I see that you said you don’t wash in the very twists. May I ask if the aloe juice was diluted or just used as is?

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    1. Yay! I’m so happy you’re joining me! Yes, I definitely do not wash my twists and then I do touch ups throughout the week. I’ve done both diluted and undiluted aloe Vera juice. The brand I use is the Fruit of the Earth. Yes please tag and follow, can’t wait to see your growth! @kinkzwithstyle on IG


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