90-day Hair Challenge Update #1

Hey there kinky krew 🙂

Sorry about not posting last Sunday, I really missed you guys!

Now, back to this update! I’ve noticed a drastic change in my hair since starting this 90 day hair challenge. My hair is thicker, longer, and just overall looks more healthy. I’ve noticed the crown of my hair is getting thicker little, by little due to the me babying it with oil massages and keeping it moisturized. (I did a lot of wet low buns that caused some thinning to my cown area so I pay extra attention to it). I love how the coconut cowash makes my hair look but this past week I noticed my scalp was itchy…my hair hasn’t really felt ichy like this since I was relaxed. I enjoy the moisture and lack of shrinkage cowashing gives but after doing nothing but cowashing for over a month, I think the build-up from the oils and other debris began to irritate my scalp. I shampoo washed today and I will continue to use a light, moisturizing shampoo every 2 weeks to see if that helps. If not, I will try  doing an apple cidar vinegar rinse once a month. Now, onto my protective style of choice-my mini twists. Mini-twists are great. They look amazing, they keep you from manipulating your hair on a regular basis, but they take SO. MUCH. TIME. Last month I spent every weekend from Friday when I got home from work, until Sunday evening when it was time for me to get ready for work again in the morning. Everytime I had down time I was twisting my hair. It took over my life! Lol. Getting them the size I liked took at least a week, then you had to keep refreshing them so they’d look neat. It’s really alot and I’m not sure this is something I can do until December. (Not without a break at least lol) Then not to mention every 2 weeks on washday I was seeing all the growth and thickness, then having to keep wearing these twists and not being able to style and enjoy my hair. It just seems unneccesary. So I will be following the rules of the challenge but just adding a few tweeks here and there :).


From now on I will be switching up my protective styles each week and updating you guys along the way.  Follow me on IG: kinkzwithstyle to see what i’m doing with my hair this upcoming week!

Are you guys on the challenge with me? What have your results been like so far? Leave me your thoughts down below!

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