Faux Senegalese Twist Top Bun

Hey there kinky krew 🙂

So, last time I was on here I was totally OVER mini twisting, but I began playing around with them and fell back in love with my coily twists and their versatility. This style is so chic and actually looks like you’ve spent hours installing long seneguelese twists, when actually you just have mini twists with a little bit of help on top!

First,  start by two-strand twisting your entire head. This is the longest step and it usually takes me 3-4 hours for medium size twists or a full day if I want mini twists. (I will usually do mini twists over the course of a week because I don’t have time to twist my hair all day lol). Here’s a shot of my hair in mini twists. You do not have to make them this small, but I do notice when I do them this size they are easier to maintain and require less touch ups.


Once your twists are installed, pull them to the top of your head, making a top knot bun. Once you have made your bun, grab a couple pieces of your senegalese twist crochet braiding hair and wrap it around the bun you’ve made, then secure it with bobby pins. Once your bun is secure you’re pretty much done! All you need to do now is lay down those edges and you’re ready to take on your day. (Or if you’re like me throw on a headband and let your edges go free lol)


For my bun, this is the braiding hair I used. I got it at my local BSS for about $5.99 and I used less than a pack!


This is such a great protective style that allows you to keep your hands out of your hair for up to 2 weeks! I’ve gotten SO many compliments on this look so I wanted to share it with you guys and hopefully inspire you all  to try a new look.

Until next time, happy styling ladies!


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