Wash Day Routine: Hard Protein Treatment

Hey there kinky krew! 🙂

So, I just came back from vacation and man was I doing the most to my hair. (it was my birthday trip so I gave myself a little pass.) Although I didn’t use any heat, I was doing more manipulation than usual. I used a comb, pick, and paddle brush for the first time in months. (I was going for a more blown out look.) So needless to say my hair was in great need of a protein treatment.

Below are just a couple shots of how I wore my hair in Vegas 🙂


The protein treatment I reached for on this wash day, was the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Protein Deep Conditioner by Tropic Isle Living. I absolutely love this brand because they use the best ingredients so I was ecstatic to try out this treatment. Once I applied the deep conditioner in sections, I sat with it for about an hour in a plastic cap. After letting the conditioner penetrate my strands, I rinsed it out with luke warm water and began mixing my moisturizing deep conditioner.


For my quick DIY moisturizing deep conditioner, I just mixed honey and coconut oil and applied to my hair. I honestly just threw this concoction together without much thought, but this will probably be one of my new go-to deep condition treatments when I need a lot of moisture. I applied the honey and coconut oil mixture rather liberally because as I’ve been getting to know my hair, I think I may be protein sensitive, so I wanted to ensure all my strands were thoroughly coated. With kinky hair, it’s very important you make sure to rebalance your hair after a hard protein treatment, so it doesn’t become brittle and dry. I probably sat with this treatment for over 3 hours as I did things around the house.


After letting the moisturizing goodness seep into my hair for hours, I rinsed with cool water and air dried. Prior to me even apply a single leave-in, my hair was so unbelievable soft and manageable! Since I I don’t use heat or manipulate my hair too much, I plan on doing this process as needed. (At the most maybe once a month) If you guys are protein sensitive, I really recommend trying this method!


My results after the entire process! Soft and fluffy coils. 🙂

I hope this wash day routine helps! If you have any comments or questions please leave them below 🙂

Products Used: 

Tropic Isle Living Hard Protein Treatment:


Unrefined Coconut Oil:


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