90-day Hair Challenge Update #2

Hey there kinky krew 🙂

I just wanted to come on here because we have ONE MONTH left of the 90 day hair challenge! I’m so excited to see my overall growth from August to December and I know you guys are too. I recently removed my Mini-twists to end the month of November and to enjoy styling my hair over the Thanksgiving holiday. Here are just a few pictures of how I styled my coils for all the festive activities.


Although I’m excited to finish out this challenge with you ladies, I will not be mini-twisting for the last month of the challenge.(For real this time! Lol) My last take down was very scary and although I didn’t have to cut any hair, I was dealing with a lot of matting and twists that actually looked like dreads. I think because once I achieved my desired look I got lazy and didn’t refresh my twists like how I usually do. On top of that, I was saturating my hair daily with aloe vera juice, causing the hair to lock together. And with the thickness and length I gain each time I remove the twists, reinstalling would be too much. I just would hate to do all this work to have a setback while removing them. So with that being said I think it’s best I stop mini twisting for weeks at a time. (I will be following all the other rules to the challenge co-washing, no combs, oiling scalp etc).

I’ll miss my twists but I’m so excited to try different hairstyles with the length and thickness my hair is now. I’m finally at a comfortable curly length which allows me to experiment with heatless styles like bantu knots, flexi rods and wash n gos! (Yes, ladies I’ll be trying a wash n go, so stay tuned for a routine on that once I perfect it.) I’m excited to finally for the first time in my natural hair life to begin enjoying my hair! I hope you’ll stay tuned into my blog for everything to come!



Thanks for keeping up with my progress on this challenge, it has really turned my hair around in such a short amount of time. Please leave any comments or questions down below!

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