Wash and Go Routine: Defining 4B/4C Coils using the Shingling Method

Hey there kinky krew!

As you all know, I’ve been experimenting with my hair over the past couple weeks and I’ve made an amazing discovery! 4b/4c hair can achieve Wash and Go’s! (Am I the only one who didn’t know that?) We have so many tiny curls and coils just waiting to be defined and many of us don’t even realize it. My first attempt, I’m going to be honest, I was expecting a huge fail and to end up puffing my defeat but it turned out pretty good! The definition and the bounce this method gives my hair is unreal! It’s all about your method, how you USE your products, and WATER, WATER, WATER! If you’re like I was and didn’t know kinkier textures could achieve a successful wash and go, keep reading to see how I did it!


One of the major keys to a successful wash and go is to start with clean hair. It’s important that your hair is clean so that we get those curls and coils to pop easier. When I first begin to wash my hair I start by allowing the water to stream throughout my strands for about 2 minutes without touching it. Doing this allows for the water to run through your hair and remove any residue or build-up prior to washing. After I do that I begin gently cowashing with the pads of my fingers. After massaging the As I Am cowash throughout my entire scalp, I apply my leave-in. You want to make sure your leave-ins are very light because we don’t want any product build-up. I recommend using a watery substance that is going to be non-visable on the hair, for instance my go-to leave in is Aloe Vera juice.


The above picture was on day 4 of my Wash and Go. Coils are still intact!


Shingling Method:

What is the Shingling Method you ask? The Shingling Method is what we natural girls use to seperate our curls and evenly distribute our styling product, which in this case is our eco styler gel. Once I spray my aloe vera juice throughout my entire head I apply an oil over top  (lately, my hair has been loving pure avocado oil) and will begin to create my sections. I usually use 4, but you can make as many or as few as you want, as long as it’s easy for you to work with. The key to a curly wash and go for us kinky girls, is keeping your hair soaking wet throughout the entire process. This allows you to capture the curls and coils we have in our wet state. You don’t want to capture frizz or half dried hair, we want to hold that wet smooth coil/curl so that it dries with definition. Once my sections are made, I grab my water bottle to keep my hair moisturized as I shingle my coils. I also grab my argan oil eco styler and my detangler by Shea Moisture. I start by finger detangling the entire section with my Shea Moisture detangler and shingle each tiny curl with a small amount of eco styler. I do this by smoothing the product down my curls with my pointer finger and thumb.  You can use a denman brush to help distribute your gel, but you guys know how I feel about denman brushes (lol), so I prefer to work in the product with my hands. After you finish smoothing your curl, do not disturb it! This will create frizz and we don’t want to start out with a frizzy wash and go. Wait until your hair is completely dry before you begin fluffing and separating. I do this same method throughout my entire head and it takes me about an hour and a half to complete.* Tip: The kinkier the hair, the smaller your sections should be so you’re making sure to define each tiny curl/coil.


I’ve been loving being able to show off my defined curls lately with this wash and go method! Have you tried a wash and go? Was it a Love it or Leave it? Leave me a comment down below!


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