Winter Haircare Regimen for 4B/4C Hair

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It’s December so you know what that means! Winter is upon us and our hair is going to become extremely dry due to the colder weather it’s exposed to. So with that being said, we need to begin adding in some changes to our regimen to keep our coils from drying out and snapping off. So I wanted to share what I do to keep my 4B/4C coils hydrated throughout these cooler months.

Moisturize Hair Daily 

It is more important that you keep your hair moisturized during Winter, more than any other time of the year. With your hair being dried out from the cold, you must stay on top of your moisturizing. Ya’ll know that I LOVE and strongly believe in using Aloe Vera juice as a natural moisturizer, but that alone simply will not do for my thick coarse hair during the cold and dryer months. I like to use the LCO method throughout winter because it’s a little bit more heavy duty and will keep my hair moisturized longer. For my “L” I use Aloe Vera juice or lately i’ve found that warm water is amazing at opening the cuticle, so either will do. Your “C” is a cream, I like using thicker leave-ins for this time of year and right now my go-to has been the Eden Bodyworks Curl Defining Creme. It gives my hair so much moisture and one of the first ingredients is Aloe Vera juice, which my dry 4c/4b hair drinks right up! Next up is the “O” which is your oil. I personally love Avocado Oil. Avocado Oil is amazing for dry and brittle hair, which we’re trying to combat dryness so this is a great choice! It also absorbs into the scalp and cuticle very easily expelling Vitamins A,B,D,E to help strengthen and moisturize.


olive oil and honey

Protective Style

Now, I know we all love showing off our curls, big fro’s and blowouts but they just aren’t the best thing for our hair during Winter. You want to make sure that you conceal your hair and protect your ends from being completely exposed to the frigid air. I have been loving my Wash and Go’s and the versatility they give my hair, but I decided it was time for me to get back into a protective styling mode before my ends become dry. So I’ve been wearing my hair up in puffs, buns and I will be experimenting with twisted updos soon. Also, If you’re looking for more of a Protective Style try mini-twists, they’re wonderful for keeping your hair moisturized and retaining length.

Wash less & No Sulfates 

I personally have witnessed that dirty hair, grows! During my mini-twist protective style challenge, I was co washing once a month and leaving my hair in protective styles up until wash day. After a couple of months, I noticed my hair was growing and retaining length like crazy! So, I plan on continuing with this same method throughout Winter except I will be washing every 2 weeks. My favorite cowash is the Coconut Cowash by As I Am because it really cleanses my coils without stripping and really hydrates my hair.


Deep Condition

During winter you want to make sure you deep condition with EVERY wash to replenish the moisture in your hair after being exposed to the cold. One of my favorite deep conditioner mixes is Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Avocado Oil, and Honey. This gives my hair a huge boost of moisture and prepares it for another couple weeks of protective styling. If I’m looking for a more Protein based deep conditioner I will use my JBCO deep conditioner by Tropic Isle or Shea Moisture. If I go for a hard protein deep conditioner like my Tropic Isle deep conditioner, I will then follow up with my DIY moisturizing conditioner to rebalance the moisture in my hair. (This makes for a long wash day but rebalancing your hair after a protein treatment is a must!)



My Winer Regimen is pretty simple and revolves around one thing, Moisture. Moisture is the key to hair growth, so we want to overload our routines with it during the dryer months so we continue to  grow and retain our length! I hope my regimen helps you create a regimen of your own! Leave any questions or comments down below.

Products Mentioned: 

Eden Body Works Curl Defining Cream:

As I Am Cowash:

Shea Moisture JBCO Masque:

Aloe Vera Juice:

Avocado Oil:

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  1. Thank you!!! This has really helped me get a better understanding on how to take of care my hair during the Winter💙💙✨✨🙏🏾🙏🏾


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