How to Thicken Natural Hair

Hey there kinky krew 🙂

Sorry I’ve been absent for a couple weeks but I’m super excited to get back into blogging weekly in 2017! Anywho, over the past few weeks I’ve been getting so many comments from naturalistas wanting to know how I grow and maintain thick hair. Honestly, I’ve never really thought I had crazy thick hair but I have noticed with the growth I’ve been seeing over these past couple months, thickness was right behind giving me a much more voluminous head of hair. Below are a few tips I use to help thicken up my 4b/4c hair.

Castor Oil Massages

Prior to this week I was certain every natural on earth had heard of JBCO but after a conversation I had at work with a straight natural, I found out some have never heard of the stuff. So I’m going to start with the basics. Jamaican Castor Oil helps aid hair growth and promote thickness to the hair strands. I apply the Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor Oil by Sunny Isle the night before every wash (usually every 2 weeks) then massage it into my scalp for about a minute.

Do NOT Over Cleanse

Although clean hair is important, we do not want to walk around with dry/brittle looking hair due to sulfates and harsh cleansers. (That is not cute lol) So I’ve cut down my use of shampoo to only a couple times a year prior to a blowout. This has helped me maintain moisture in my coils which give my hair a healthy, thick appearance. Our hair doesn’t need to constantly be shampoo’ed so, give full time cowashing a shot! It has changed my hair tremendously.

Maintain Moisture 

Moisture is the key to having a successful hair journey, so of course, moisture has a heavy hand in thickening your hair. You want to find a good thick moisturizer and a liquid leave-in so you have both to use when necessary. I moisturize my hair about every 3-4 days with a thick cream and spritz my coils with Aloe Vera Juice daily prior to styling. This reactivates the thick creamy product and keep your curls looking fresh without having to reapply causing build-up. Deep Conditioning with every wash is also essential to having thick shiny hair. Some of my favorite ingredients for a good deep condition are raw honey, coconut oil, and avocado oil. But anything that says “deep” or “treatment” conditioner will do!

Fake It!

If you find that you’ve tried everything and nothing is making your hair thicker, fake it! There are so many tricks and things you can do to make your hair look full than it is. Doing curly sets will add to the thickness of your already curly hair. Perm and flexi rods are great styling options for adding fullness and movement to thinner hair. They’re also effortless to style! Just throw them up into a pineapple or puff to add some curl to your everyday updo.

*Styling tip: Doing these styles on stretched hair will also give the look of thicker hair!


Cut it

Yes girl, cut it! There have been so many Influencers lately who have cut their lifeless looking hair and it’s given their natural curls so much more life! Giving natural hair a shape does wonders and gives the illusion of thicker hair due to the layering. Try trimming off dead ends or if you’re really daring go to a stylist and get a deva cut. This tapered look will give your fro so much more spunk and volume!

deva-cut(I do not own this photo.)

I hope this gives you guys some tips on how to thicken your natural hair! If you all have any questions please leave them below and I will be glad to answer them. Until next time, later kinky krew!

Products Mentioned:

Aloe Vera Juice:

Jamaican Black Castor Oil:

As I Am Cowash:

Perm Rods:


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