How to Remove Excessive Buildup from Natural Hair

Hey there kinky krew 🙂

I’ve recently been experiencing the world’s worst case of build-up since testing out the African Pride Curl Styling Custard from their Shea Butter Miracle line. I was drawn in because of the amazing ingredients and the price, but after attempting a wash and go… my results were less than pretty. I had huge clumps of gummy build-up all throughout my hair that wouldn’t come out for weeks! It wasn’t until I tried this method that I was finally able to get rid of those horrible clumps.

  1. Spray Hair with Apple Cider Vinegar and Lime Juice

I started out by sectioning my hair then creating my concoction. I squeezed 3 limes into a bowl then mixed in about 1 cup of apple cider vinegar. After your mixture is completely combined, pour into a spray bottle for easy application.

2. Detangle, Section and Apply

Once your hair is sectioned and detangled, apply your lime and vinegar mixture from root to tip ensuring all stands are covered. I recommend doing this part in the shower so you don’t get vinegar all over your bathroom. After applied, massage in for a minimum of 3 minutes.

3. Shampoo

After the mixture is thoroughly worked grab your shampoo of choice. This particular day I was working with more build-up than usual, so I reached for my JBCO shampoo by Shea Moisture. This cleansing shampoo is great at removing build-up while managing to keep my hair soft and moisturized. After rinsing, I co-washed and deep conditioned with the matching JBCO masque to add life back into my coils.






My hair had so much bounce and body after this process which is what all of us curly girls strive for after stripping our hair. Removing build-up doesn’t have to feel stripping or drying to our curls, so I recommend next time you’re victim to nasty build up, try this method!

What’s your method for combating build-up? Leave me a comment down below!

Products Used: 

Shea Moisture JBCO Shampoo:

Shea Moisture JBCO Masque:

As I Am Co-wash:


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