Ways to Embrace Your Shrinkage: Don’t Fight the Fro

Hey there kinky krew 🙂

Like most of us naturals my shrinkage is real. The second my hair touches water it shrinks up into a tight curly afro up to my ears and doesn’t want to do anything but be shrunken! And usually, I pull out all the stops to “fight the fro” (ie. banding method, twists, bantu knots) – anything to give me a little bit of my length back, but this past washday I decided to embrace my shrunken coils and I’ve been rocking them for over 2 weeks now. And throughout the 2 weeks I realized that shrunken hair is not only a sign of health and moisture, but it can look just as good as stretched hair. Here are my go-to styles for embracing shrunken hair:

The Wash and Go

This is one of my favorite styles to rock when I want to show off my 4b/4c coils. Wash and gos can be worn in so many different ways without the added stress from various stretching methods.

Here’s my Wash & Go Routine Wash and Go Routine: Defining 4B/4C Coils using the Shingling Method


Afros/Afro Puffs

Afro’s are a super fierce way of embracing that shrinkage! All you need is a pick for a little root fluffing and you’re ready to fro it out. I’ve been absolutely loving my afro lately. (Actually wore my fro out to the mall for the first time!) Undefined, defined, up or down- it’s been one of my go-tos these past couple weeks!



Style and Fro

The style and fro is pretty much when you style the front of your hair in various ways and leave the back lose in a coily afro or wash and go. This has been a super trendy style lately because of it’s versatility and ease. Anyone can do it! You can totally make this style your own and show your creative side. The options are endless!


Here I did 3 roll twists going straight back and bobby pinned them down. And don’t forget those baby hairs!


You can also do the infamous top bun and fluff out your curls in the back.

Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories are a life saver and can turn around any bad hair day. Headbands and turbans have been my favorite hair accessories to help me run out the house in a hurry, plus, they’re great for those days when you don’t want to fuss with your hair too much.


So here are just a couple ways to embrace that shrinkage God has blessed all of us with! Trust me once you begin to accept it, your hair will thank you. Shrunken hair is healthy hair. So show off that shrinkage hair girl!

Do you embrace your shrinkage or do you fight the fro? Leave me a comment down below!


5 thoughts on “Ways to Embrace Your Shrinkage: Don’t Fight the Fro

  1. I definitely used to fight the fro but now I’m embracing my hair just as how it is 🙂 I love these styles, I’ll have to try some of them out.

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