Q-Redew Hair Steamer: Review & How-to on 4B/4C Hair

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I’ve recently become OBSESSED with steaming my hair, so you’ll know I had to come on here and give you guys a review on the tool i’ve recently been using-(I know i’m super late to this natural hair trend but I made it!) I never knew all the amazing benefits steaming does for natural hair until hearing about the Q-Redew hair steamer. The Q-Redew is an amazing tool to keep your hair moisturized, as the steam helps to open the hair shaft to receive moisture from whichever product will be applied. (So if you have low porosity the Q-Redew is a must try!)  The Q-Redew hair steamer also opens pores to the scalp which increases blood flow and enhances hair growth. So, not only is it amazing for your hair, it keeps the scalp unclogged and healthy so we’re able to easily get rid of toxins preventing any road blocks from new hair to come in. Ever since my first hair steaming session, I’ve been doing it at least once every two weeks to add moisture back into my coils or if I just want a more voluminous blown out fro.

After Wash Days:

After I finish my entire wash day and it’s time for me to apply my leave-ins, I will lightly steam my hair after smoothing in my leave-ins. I will either hold my hair taut as I steam or I will run the Q-redew through my hair. Both ways open the hair shaft to receieve the moisturizer I added. This method just gives my hair a super moisturized feeling my hair sometimes lacks after a wash. After I steam and apply my leave-ins I will proceed with my styling.


Revive Old Hair:

hair lit


Since I started stretching my wash days to every 2 weeks, I do ALOT of reviving and restyling on old hair. This can sometimes be a difficult task as my hair gets dryer as the days pass, but with my Q-Redew I’m able to re-moisturize and make my hair look super vibrant and juicy without rewashing. I will just go in with my steamer where I feel needs a little moisture and fluff to “wake my hair up”. After a light steaming session, I’m left with super moisturized and soft hair that’s ready to be retwisted or bantu knotted for the rest of the week.

The Blow Out:

blow out

This is one of my favorite ways to style my hair due to it’s versatility. You can do anything with a blowout and can make them last for several weeks by playing with different looks. How I achieve a blowout with my Q-Redew is the same process that I do on my Washday, execpt I work on old hair that is completely dry. I section my hair into smaller workable parts to ensure I’m getting a maximum amount of stretch on each section, then work the Q-Redew from root to tip. Once you’re completely done blowing out your hair, style as desired.

Due to the various uses for the Q-Redew steamer (I didn’t even get into how it can be used for skincare), I would say this product is definitely worth the hype. It’s amazing at giving your styles that little boost allowing you get more longevity out of them. I absolutely recommend trying out the Q-Redew and I honestly don’t know how I was surviving without it!

Let me know below if you have a Q-Redew and what your thoughts are on steaming natural hair!



4 thoughts on “Q-Redew Hair Steamer: Review & How-to on 4B/4C Hair

  1. Going natural was difficult transition for me. I am a licensed cosmetologist and I used to set, blow dry, and flat iron my hair. Then I discovered the Q-redew, what a game changer!! I use it for EVERYTHING! I feel condition, facials, to stretch my hair! I also use it on my natural clients to stretch their hair, in preparation for twists or braids!! Whether your natural, or not, this steamer is a must have!! There literally are 1 million uses! Best tool I ever bought!!

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