Product Review: Cantu Shea Butter ACV Root Rinse

Hey there kinky krew!

If you’re an avid cowasher like me, it’s important to make it a priority to cleanse your scalp about 2-3 times a month as it is one of the keys to healthy hair growth. I usually cleanse my scalp with pure Apple Cider Vinegar but since trying this product I think I’ll be tossing the smelly Apple Cider Vinegar and opting for this easy to use rinse instead!

How I Applied:

Before applying the root rinse I first rinsed out my pre poo –  I always to do a prepoo treatment prior to any washing process. (Here’s a link to post on Prepoo’ing: The Importance of the Pre-Poo: My favorite Pre-Poo Recipes (4C/4B Hair) This preps the hair for taking in mass amounts of water. After rinsing out my prepoo I began applying the scalp detox via the applicator tip.


While applying I Instantly felt a cooling sensation due to the tea tree oil in the formula and it felt so refreshing on my itchy scalp! The liquidy consistency made it a breeze to apply and easy to distribute throughout my entire head. After making sure my scalp was evenly coated, I massaged it in for about 3-5 minutes making sure to work out any dibres that built up onto my scalp over the past couple of weeks. While massaging in the rinse it did not lather which was a plus for me. I don’t really like when products produce a rich lather because of the yucky stripping and tangles that follow. After massaging in the product, I then rinsed allowing the rest of the Root Rinse to travel down the length of my strands. My hair felt so soft, moisturized and clean afterward with no tangles in sight!


  • Packaging: The bottle itself helps to make wash day a breeze! I’m notorious for putting my cleansers into an applicator bottle but I love that the product already comes in one! Making it super easy to apply directly to the scalp with no mess.
  • Cleanses WITHOUT stripping: This product does exactly what it says on the bottle – it detoxes your scalp without drying out your curls. If you’re a fan of ACV rinses or anything similar – this is a must have!
  • Price: I purchased this 12 oz Root Rinse for only $4 at my local grocery store! Compared to the Alikay Naturals Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo this is a great alternative for a scalp detox if you’re looking to save some coins!
  • Smell: Although using pure Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural cleanser for the hair, the smell can be overwhelming. This rinse is much more bearable and won’t leave your bathroom smelling like pure vinegar!


  • Ingredient List: I mainly look at the first 3 or 4 ingredients before choosing a product but if you’re more of a stickler when it comes to ingredients you may decide to skip this one. 

Product Details:

“Cantu Root Rinse is made with apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and shea butter – a deeply cleansing yet nourishing cocktail that replaces your shampoo when you need a deeper scalp detox and extra conditioned strands. Rinse away the old and bring on the new revealing stronger, healthier hair with a natural shine. No mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, gluten, paraffin or propylene.”
• Soothes itching & irritation
• Refreshes scalp without washing or water
• Great for weaves, braids, locs & extensions

First Ingredients:

Water, Vinegar, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Shea Butter, Hydrolyzed Seed Protein, Oat, Fruit Extract

Get your Root Rinse here:

How do you cleanse your hair and what are your favorite cleansing products? Leave a comment down below!

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