Blowout on Natural Hair (With Heat) 4B/4C Hair


Hey there kinky krew 🙂

So, I’m coming to you guys with a random post – but I blew out my hair! With heat! It wasn’t planned, but I just got the urge and I was so pleased with the results. (This was my first time to use heat on my hair) As always, I will be giving a step by step guide on how I achieved this blown out look.

  1. Start out on previously dry/stretched hair. To achieve my blowout I started out on a stretched twistout. Doing this prevents you from having to use excessive heat to get the results you’re looking for. If you can, try to do your blow-drying on dry or semi-dry hair. Blow drying sopping wet hair is a recipe for breakage!
  2. Section and Apply Heat Protectant. I sectioned my hair into 6 workable sections and applied my heat protectant liberally as I went. The more curly/coily your hair is the more moisture your hair needs, so make sure your hair is very protected with a layer of moisture prior to applying heat. This heat protectant by Shea Moisture was actually really bomb. (I didn’t want to like it lol) It was almost like a leave-in since it was thick and creamy, while still protecting my strands from the heat, so I was able to kill 2 birds with one stone. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it but it is was everything my thick hair needed. My kinks were left super bouncy and soft.  argan oil protectant
  3. Detangling and Blowout Method. Once your hair is thoroughly detangled, you can choose between 3 blowout methods. First, you have the Tension Method. The tension method is when you hold your hair taut (but not too tight) while hovering the blow dryer up and down that section. With this method, you won’t have the sleekest results but it puts less stress on the hair and it still gets the job done. Second is the “Comb Chase” method. The “Comb Chase” method is when you use either a wide tooth comb or paddle brush to chase the hot tool to separate the strands as you blow or press out your hair. This is very effective if you don’t have a comb attachment but you want to make sure the warm air reaches each strand for a sleeker finish. Lastly, is using a Comb Attachment. I find this method to be better if I’m looking to get a really nice fluffy blowout. It allows me to work with one tool and to start from the bottom and work my way up much easier. Below is the blow-dryer I used and it was amazing! blowdryer

As I went, I twisted each section and was left with a soft voluminous fro that was so moisturized from the heat protectant. Below are links to all the products used!



Shea Moisture Argan Oil & Almond Milk Heat Protectant:

Conair Yellow Bird Dryer:

What products do you use when you use heat? Leave me a comment down below!

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