Tips for Full Edges & Nape (How-to Regrow Hairline)

Hey there kinky krew 🙂

This week on social media the hot button topic was none other than edges and whether myfirstmemeor not you lay them. It isn’t a secret that keeping our edges “on fleek” has been a huge trend in the natural hair community for some time now. And with laying down those baby hairs comes manipulation, which is followed by thinning and balding if the proper steps are not taken. The edges and the nape are common areas for women of kinkier texture to experience breakage because of how delicate our hairline is. I’m going to go through some of the tips I follow that has allowed me to maintain thick and full edges thoroughout my natural hair journey.


  1. Don’t overmanipulate them. If you want to grow thick edges it’s important that you don’t overmanipulate them. Constant brushing with hard boar brushes can pull  out those tiny delicate hairs we all know and love – our baby hairs. Having super sleek edges that are always laid is the “thing” right now, but make sure you’re thinking long term. How long can you repitedly manipulate that one area without seeing ANY damage? I’m not saying to never lay down your edges, (I too lay them down on certain occasions), but try not to make laying down your edges a part of your everyday routine. thinning temple
  2. Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I’ve been a believer that JBCO cures all problems when it comes thinning edges, napes and balding in general. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a thick oil that can be used for scalp massages, pre-poos and hot oil treatments. It’s important that when you’re picking out a JBCO you choose one that is 100% natural and the only ingredient is castor oil. Using the purest version of castor oil ensures that your hair is recieving all the benefits from the oil to replenish those sparse areas. My personal favorite is the Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil. To See how I pre-poo using this product click here: The Importance of the Pre-Poo: My favorite Pre-Poo Recipes (4C/4B Hair)jbco
  3. Wear less Tight Updos. Puffs and buns are a natural girls holy grail hairstyle but they can be damaging if done too tight. Switching up your protect hairstyles can help to put less stress on your hairline allowing blood flow and growth. Instead of puffs/buns opt for a twisted updo or a tuck and roll pin up with undone edges as your protective style. Sometimes they aren’t the cutest but if it means saving our edges, it’s well worth it!updo1

Shop the Products from this Article:

Sunny Isle Castor Oil:

What’s your stance on edges? Do you slick them down everyday, do you only slick them based on the style, or do you always let them go free?

13 thoughts on “Tips for Full Edges & Nape (How-to Regrow Hairline)

  1. I usually let my edges rest and lay them on the rarest of occasions 🙂 I need to buy that Jamaican castor oil, thicker edges would be nice.

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  2. Hey there! Do you mind explaining how u use the castor oil on your hair line?
    I try to lightly massage, but I still see hair coming out on my fingertips.


    1. Hey Tamika! I put my castor oil into an applicator and rub it in lightly with the pads of my fingers. You shouldn’t be seeing any hair fallout while doing oil massages but If you are maybe try doing a black tea rinse to minimize shedding. Let me know if you have anymore questions!


  3. I was laying my edges with different gels, edge control and a soft boar bristle brush. SMH. Don’t make my mistake. I’m now using JBCO, my fingers, a satin type scarf, a wide tooth comb and a Denman to mimic a smoother textured (but not sleek) up do.

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