How to Start a Hair Regimen: 4B/4C Hair

Hey there Kinky Krew,

So, it’s been a minute but I’m so happy to be back posting for you guys!

Lately, I’ve been getting asked how I started my hair care regimen so I wanted to help you guys by giving a couple key tips that has helped me develop a regimen that works for me and my coarse 4b/4c hair.





How often should you cleanse? Should you clarify? Cowash? Well, curlies thats completely up to you! (And your hair) I found that when I first embarked on my natural hair journey that I was following everything I saw my favorite Youtubers do. And one of those things included using a Non-sulfate shampoo weekly. Non-sulfate shampoos are supposed to be less stripping than clarifiers but my hair hated them! They still stripped my hair severely and caused my hair to be constantly dry. It took me almost a year of denial before I switched up my routine and began cowashing on a regular basis. I now cowash every week and clarify with Apple Cidar Vinegar once a month. Just come up with a schedule that works for you and your lifestyle. If you suffer from dandruff and you have to clarify weekly, do that! Try out different methods and surely something will stick.



Deep Condition

In order to maintain healthy, moisturized and strong curls, you MUST deep condition with every wash. (2-3 times a month is recommended) When choosing a deep conditioner it’s important to find a good moisturizing and protein deep conditioner to use when necessary. I use a moisturizing deep conditioner for the most part, but when I feel my hair feels a little weak or if I’m reviving my curls from a heat blow out, I will reach for my protein deep conditioner. I am protein sensitive, so I will not use Protein more than once a month.



Leave-ins and Moisturizers

Leave-in conditioners are another essential component to any good haircare routine. The right leave-in can provide long lasting moisture to your hair after washing and whenever your hair needs a little pick me up throughout the week. Don’t know how to find “the right” leave-in in an aisle full of a million products? Start out by trying natural sprays such as Coconut Water or Aloe Vera Juice. From there, search for products that contain those ingredients. This method has helped me to narrow down my product stash to 3 or 4 leave-ins my hair loves! This has not only helped my hair, it also helped my pockets. Once you find key ingredients your hair thrives with, you won’t find it necessary to buy everything on the shelves!




Oils, sealants and butters have many benefits in a hair regimen and can be used in a multitude of ways to help aid our natural crowns. From locking in moisture from your leave-in to pre-poo’ing before a wash – oils will become your best friend once you figure out all the amazing things they can do for your curls. When it comes to choosing an oil it’s important for you to study your hair and figure out what you are seeking in your hair growth journey. Are you seeking thickness? Combating dandruff? Is your hair dull and lack shine? With a little bit of research you can easily find a plethora of oils that will help you knock your hair sorrows. Some of my favorite carrier oils that I always have on hand are Jamaican Black Castor, Avocado, and Coconut Oil.




We have covered all of the major steps of growth: water, food (moisture) and now the last, Air. I know most naturals believe that protective styling is the key to growth but I believe air is. During my “protective styling” stage of my hair journey my hair was stagnant and would not grow for anything! I always wore weaves, wigs or super slick buns with braiding hair. This was the only way I styled my hair and I convinced myself I was somehow “protecting it” because it wasn’t exposed. When the hair follicle is constantly being pulled one direction this slows down hair growth and could also cause thinning. Air is one of the most underrated tips when it comes to hair growth so be sure your hair is getting plenty of it! Above are some of my favorite styles to rock that allow my hair to breath freely without any tension.



Here is a progress picture of my hair now vs last August! It’s amazing what this regimen has done for my hair in just a year, and I can’t wait to see where my hair goes from here. I hope this post helps someone, and remember trial and error is the only way you will find out what works for you!

What was your hair goal for this year? Have you met it yet? Leave me a comment!

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  1. I believe you are absolutely right about the fact that our hair needs hair. I believe my hair has become healthier and grown more ever since I’ve been letting it breathe 😊.


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