Updated Haircare Regimen 2017 + Announcement & Length Check

Hey there Kinky Krew!

One of my most frequently asked questions lately is what products I use and how I’ve been able to retain so much length. And seeing that it’s been several months since I’ve given you’ll the rundown of my hair care regimen, I wanted to share what I’ve been doing to my kinky type 4 hair for the past several months.


I’ve found that the longer my hair gets the less I’ve been into buying and trying tons of products. 

Yes, It’s true – I believe the product junkie in me has finally left the building! (for now) I’ve been living by the motto if it ain’t broke don’t fix it when it comes to my kinky coils and it seems to have been working and saving me money all at the same time. I’ve gotten to a point where I simply refuse to spend all day doing my hair anymore. It’s not necessary!

My Washdays, have been very quick and to the point and my hair doesn’t seem to mind. I liberally apply my favorite cowash and divide my hair into about 6 large twists. Once my hair has been saturated in cowash I go in at my roots and apply my Root Rinse to get my scalp nice and clean. This has been my preferred washing method for a couple months now and I love how it cleans my scalp without drying out the length of my hair. After washing out the cowash and root rinse, I will apply my deep conditioner and let it sit for about 15 minutes in the shower and rinse.



After washing, I move onto moisturizing and styling.

After rinsing out my DC, I wrap my twists in my microfiber towel until its about 50% dry. At this point, I go in with my cool aloe vera juice, detangler, and oil to finger detangle and shingle my curls for a wash and go. I spritz my cold aloe vera to close my cuticles from the warm shower, apply my detangler and seal with a light oil. I wear my shrinkage for about two days before I do any twisting or manipulation to stretch my hair. The two days just kind of gives my hair a minute to rest before stretching.

On day 2, I will go in and twist my hair for my twistout. To achieve this style, I use my Fluffy Shea Butter Cream (a recipe I recently made up) and my trusty aloe vera juice. If you follow me on social media, you’ve heard me raving about my Whipped Shea Butter and how amazing it’s been making my hair look and feel. Recently this is pretty much the only thing I reapply to my hair during the week and my hair seems to be thriving with this alone. My twistouts usually last up to 4 days before I have to retwist.


While maintaining my twistout throughout the week the only thing I will apply is a light amount of Almond oil to my hands and scrunch it into my hair. Almond oil has been my favorite oil lately because it is so light unlike my other heavier oils such as castor and avocado. It absorbs into my hair so easily without leaving any oily residue. Almond Oil prevents hair loss and aids in mending breakage.

I want to thank you guys for reading and would like to share an announcement! I’ve received several messages lately about my Fluffy Shea Butter Cream and have decided to open an Etsy shop where you all can purchase it! I’m very thankful for you guys’ support and am very excited to embark on this new journey. If you would like to purchase I will have the link below.

Below is a length check to give you guys an idea of my starting length because sadly protective styling season is upon us and I will be mini twisting very soon. I hope to reach full bra strap soon and will be blowing out my hair within the upcoming months!



Until next time, later kinky krew!

Check out my Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/552699552/whipped-shea-butter-cream?ref=shop_home_active_1

4 thoughts on “Updated Haircare Regimen 2017 + Announcement & Length Check

    1. Try doing a protective style that will keep your ends protected, (like a bun) and doing the LOC method a couple times a week! Make sure to focus on your ends when applying your products! Hope this helps.


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