(How-to) L.C.O Method: 4C/4B Hair

Hey there kinky krew!

I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but during my relaxer days, I was a moisturize and seal girl. I would use a light leave in, seal with my oil of choice and I would be good to go for days. But once I transitioned over to natural hair, my hair laughed at the thought of using just a leave-in and light oil to moisturize my tresses. Due to the density, texture, and dryness of my hair, — these curls need a more heavy duty line up to keep them moisturized.

The Liquid, Oil, Cream Method is a technique many naturals use to hydrate their curls after wash day to prep it for styling. 


To start out the LOC method you need your L, which stands for Leave-in. Leave-ins are lightweight conditioners that moisturize dry hair and can be paired with other products without leaving buildup. My preferred leave-in for this method is either Aloe Vera Juice or my recent favorite, the White Peony Leave-in by Mielle Organics. Both of these are super moisturizing and can be used on damp or wet hair.

aloe-verawhite peony



Your second step is your C, which stands for cream. Your “cream” should be thicker in texture, give you slip during application and leave you with soft curls or coils. My go-to moisturizers lately have been the Wholes Blends Leave-in Conditioners, Miele Organics Avocado Hair Milk or The Curls Blueberry Bliss Replenishing Conditioner.



Lastly, you need to seal in your moisture with an Oil or Butter. Since the weather has gotten a little bit cooler, I’ve been in love with using my Whipped Shea Butter to seal. It’s super thick and fluffy, and gives me a healthy sheen that I’m absolutely in love with!


Until next time, later Kinky Krew!

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