KeraCare Natural Textures Line Review

Hey there Kinky Krew!

I was approached by KeraCare to try out their Natural Textures line so I wanted to go through each product I received and tell you guys which were a hit and which were a miss. Keep reading to hear if the KeraCare Natural Textures line can handle these Kinkz!


Honey Shea Co-Wash


Infused with Castor Oil, Shea Butter, and Amla Extract, this Co-wash is great if you are looking for a product that will leave you with clean but not stripped curls. Since I mainly cowash I knew this product would be right up my alley – and it was! This is the most cleansing cowash I’ve ever used but my curls remained moisturized! I will definitely be using this cowash when I’m looking for a more cleansing cowash experience.

Consistency: Runny

Slip: Very Slippery & Easy to Distribute

Smell: Good/Clean/Not Strong

Twist & Define Cream

twist and define

This styler is one of my new favorites! This pudding-like cream gave me amazing definition along with days of moisture and zero build-up. I did a braid and curl that I was able to rock for 5 days without having to remoisturize. (I did add an oil at nighttime before I wrapped it up for bed)  This is for sure a new curl cream I will be reaching for when styling my hair.

Consistency: Thick

Definition:  Yes

Smell: Not Strong

Build Up: No

Detangling Conditioning Mist

kc dtangle

Unfortunately, this detangler was a miss for my coils! This product made it nearly impossible for me to detangle my hair and the smell was very strong. If you are in the Type 4 family, I would skip out on this one!

Consistency: Liquidy

Moisturizing:  Yes

Smell: Floral

Detangles: No


Thermal Wonder Pre-Poo Conditioner


Now ya’ll know I’m a Pre-Poo girl, and when I say this product was bomb – this stuff is bomb! This Pre-Poo distributes through my hair like butter and makes it so easy to break down/detangle even the most matted curls. I left this Pre-Poo in overnight and the tangles just melted away as I distributed. I received 2 Pre-Poo packets but I will be purchasing the full-size bottle and adding it to my wash day routine. If you don’t know which product to get from this line, I would definitely say this one is worth your coin! Click here to check out my full review of this product.

Consistency: Thick, Almost Like a Lotion

Moisturizing:  Very

Smell: Clean

Detangles: Yes!

Cleansing Conditioner (Curl Wash)

cleansing cream I did try this product on my last wash day and I would have to say I’d skip out on the curl wash. I didn’t dislike it but if I had to choose between the cowash and the cleansing conditioner – I’d definitely say go for the cowash. It didn’t have the cleansing aspect like I’d expect, it was more like a regular conditioner.

Consistency: Thick

Moisturizing:  Yes

Smell: Clean/Light

Detangles: Yes

Leave-in Conditioner

leaveinThis leave-in is another hit from the natural textures line. I used this while achieving my braid and curl and it is so moisturizing it’s crazy! It’s kind of a thinner consistency leave-in but I actually really like that. I don’t have any leave-ins this texture, and I found that this product was super easy to detangle with. If you’re looking for a good detangling leave-in I would say give this one a shot!

Consistency: Liquidy

Moisturizing:  Yes

Smell: Light/Clean

Detangles: Yes


Overall, I would say KeraCare did a great job with gearing a line towards curly and natural textures while keeping the prices pretty affordable. You can find a good selection of their products at Sally’s, JcPenny and Amazon online!

If I had to choose the products that are worth snatching I’d say the Pre-Poo, the Leave-in Conditioner, and the Twist and Define Cream were my top 3. I hope this rundown of the KeraCare Natural Textures Line gives you a little guidance if you’ve been on the fence about trying their products!


Have you tried any products from KeraCare? What did you think? Leave me a comment below!

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