How I Prevent Heat Damage (4B/4C Hair)

Hey there kinky krew!

I recently used heat on my hair and after wash day my curls reverted without any straight pieces! (Yassss!) When I know I’m going to use heat, I have 3 major steps I make sure to follow before proceeding with my heat styling.

  1. Cleanse Hair

When I know I’m going to be applying heat to my hair, I make sure to thoroughly cleanse my curls. This makes my hair light and feathery giving me tons of bounce and body in my style. Some of my favorite cleansers are the DevaCurl No Poo, (which acts as a sulfate free shampoo on my hair) or the TGIN shampoo. Both of these cleansers leave me with clean hair ready to be deep conditioned.

2. Protein Treatment

I like using a protein deep conditioner to give my hair the strength to withstand the heat from both my blow dryer and flat iron. One of my favorite protein deep conditioners is the Sunny Isle Protein Deep Treatment Masque. Although this thick masque contains protein it still leaves my hair feeling super soft and moisturized.


3. Heat Protectant

Last but certainly not least we need to protect our curls before each heat application. This means before blow drying and AGAIN before you flat iron. This might be overkill to some but I don’t take any chances with my hair! I like using a thicker heat protectant to provide my hair with some moisture then applying a spray protector.

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you guys know these are my ride or die heat protectants! I apply the Thermo Protectant Milk first, which acts kind of like a leave-in, then I apply the TRESemme spray before I use my flat iron.

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Thank you all for reading, and please let me know your favorite products for protecting your natural hair!



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