A Week In My Hair: Weekly Hair Routine (4B/4C Hair)

Hey there kinky krew!

Since I get so many questions on what I do to my hair on a weekly basis, I wanted to walk you guys through a week in my hair!

Day 1

I start out my “hair week” with twists. (My hair week begins after wash day.) Leaving them in for a few days allows me to have longer lasting definition and also gives me a protective style for a couple days. Most of the time I just do chunky twists and wrap them up into an updo like shown below.


Day 2 

On this day I take down my twists section by section and fluff them out, trying not to overdo it and create too much frizz. My favorite oil for fluffing is avocado & almond oil.


Day 3

I don’t like stretching my hair every night, so on day two hair I typically will just throw my scarf on and rock whatever comes out the next day. This cuts down on manipulation and gives my hair a rest, plus we still have pretty defined hair. My hair was still moisturized this day so I just used a clip at the front to hold my bangs back and added no additional product.


Day 4 

On the night of day 3 I knew I wanted to give my hair little bit of stretch so I went in with a little oil and did about 5 braids before tying it up for bed. The results were this stretched out braidout.


Day 5

By the end of day 4 my hair is looking a little bit dry so I will go in and do my mid week hair refresher. The only thing I’ve been using is my DIY leave-in mix and my Creamy Whipped Shea Butter. This combination always gives me so much moisture and the curly fro is courtesy of 5 chunky braids.


Day 6 & 7

Near the end of the week, I pretty much live in a puff or a bun. This is just easy for me to throw together without having to retwist or braid my hair and still super cute! I maintain by spritzing my edges with my DIY leave-in mix before styling to prevent breakage and using a knee-high to pull my hair to the desired height. I switch up the position of my bun or puff often to prevent repeated tension and damage to my hairline and nape.


So this is pretty much what I do to my hair on a weekly basis, and since I do wash my hair every two weeks I will just repeat this process or do a week of protective styling and a mid-week refresher until my next wash day. Healthy hair doesn’t mean overloading your regimen with a ton of products but finding methods and products that allows your hair to retain moisture. If you haven’t yet, check out my Etsy shop where you can find the Whipped Butter Cream I use to style and refresh my hair weekly. I’ve provided all my readers with the promo code ‘KINKZWITHSTYLE’ to save!



I appreciate all you guys support and until next time, later kinky krew!

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