Stretch out those Kinkz: Heatless Ways to Stretch Natural Hair (4B/4C)

Hey there kinky krew!

You guys know I did a light flat iron last December, so I’m TRYING my best to use less heat this year. (Hopefully no heat at all!)  I’ve already seen the health of my hair transform just from trimming and keeping heat away for 3 months straight.  (I did blowouts every 3 months last year)

Although I know my hair is thriving without the use of heat, I do still get the itch to blow dry every now and then. So I wanted to share with you all a few of my favorite ways to stretch out my kinks to get more of a “blownout” look WITHOUT heat!

Bantu Knots


These little knots do an amazing job at stretching your hair out while giving it a little curl. The only downside for me is that they can be painful and extremely hard to sleep with due to the thickness of my hair. But if you have hair that’s a little less dense, these may be a bit more bearable for you.



Twists are my favorite way to stretch my hair because they are painless, and can be worn as a style all on their own for days or even weeks. Pinning them down also helps to give you added stretch.



Whether you can braid to the scalp or not, braids are a great way to stretch out your super tight coils. One of my favorite things I’ve been doing lately is braiding my hair in 4 single braids with whipped shea butter before bed and taking it down in the morning. The shea butter prevents your hair from reverting, keeping your super stretched blown-out look.

Banding Method/African Threading


The banding method is the use of bands, thread or hair ties to stretch kinky hair. I personally have never tried this process but I see so many naturalistas use it and their results are always amazing!

What’s your favorite way to stretch out your natural hair?

4 thoughts on “Stretch out those Kinkz: Heatless Ways to Stretch Natural Hair (4B/4C)

  1. I love threading but I always have to take them down every morning. Most of the time I go for twist which lasts me two.


  2. I always get nervous about the banding because I feel like it would break my hair. I definitely put my hair in 8 braids for 1-2 days to stretch and gentle brush out the texture with a paddle brush. I really like the way you styled your hair with the twists, kinda a two in one deal, stretch your hair through a hairstyle. Nice idea about the Bantu knots, gonna try it out 🤗

    Natonya |


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