My Staple Natural Hair Products: 4C/4B Hair

Hey there kinky krew!

I recently removed my faux locs after a month and a half of protective styling, and I’ve been back rocking my natural hair for about a full week now. Since I’ve been getting a few messages and requests to update you guys on my current hair products, I decided now would be the perfect time to go ahead and do just that!





As mentioned in previous posts, I’ve become a shampoo girl! Since I go extended amounts of time without cleansing my hair I decided to go ahead and make the switch to a gentle non-sulfate shampoo instead of Co-washes.

I’ve found myself constantly reaching for one of these two shampoos every wash day and they both leave my hair clean and ready for weeks of styling.


This first shampoo is the one I reach for most often because it leaves me with clean but moisturized hair. It literally feels like I don’t even need to condition after doing 2 lathers! (I still do of course but you catch my drift! lol) This Shampoo is the TGIN Moisture Rich Non-Sulfate Shampoo.


My second favorite shampoo is a little bit more heavy duty and something I only use when I really want to do some serious cleansing – Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow and Restore Shampoo. This shampoo is enriched with Apple Cider vinegar which is known for gently clarifying the strands removing dirt and product buildup.


Deep Conditioners

Since  I’m not really a “double condition” type of natural, deep conditioning is a very important step for me. After I shampoo I go straight in with my deep conditioner to detangle, so it’s vital I have the moisture and slippage I need to get the job done! These products below give me just that.

*New Product Alert*

honey and sage

I’ve never used any products by Alikay Naturals but let me tell you guys this Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner is everything! It gives me all the things I look for in a deep conditioner: Slip, Smell, and Moisture! Containing Aloe Vera and Honey, this stuff glides through my hair like butter due to it’s super creamy and slippery texture. If you haven’t tried this product and you love slippery moisturizing Deep Conditioners you need this one your life!


If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now, you’d know this Honey Miracle Hair Mask is my jam! It penetrates my strands and keeps my curls super hydrated and healthy. Amazing slip so I can detangle my kinky hair with ease – This will always be in my stash!


It’s taken me awhile to be able to narrow down my favorite leave-ins because there’s so many on the market right now, but I’ve finally managed to narrow down my 2 staples.


This leave-in by KeraCare is so moisturizing and lightweight my hair drinks it right up! Its thin consistency makes it perfect to layer on other products without causing any flaking or build-up. It’s also amazing just by itself! I’ve been loving using this leave-in, water, and my Whipped Butter Cream as my LCO method. My hair stays moisturized and juicy for days!

white peony

A theme with my leave-ins is that I love for them to be super lightweight! So this White Peony Spray by Mielle Organics falls perfectly in that category. This is a great mid-week refresher spray to “wake up” your hair with a boost of moisture.



Sealants are very important as they seal in the moisture from our leave-ins. I have several favorite oils but I only have a couple favorites that I reach for during spring/summer.



One of my favorite ways to seal is by using my homemade whipped buttercream. It’s a concoction of natural oils, Raw African Shea butter and essential oils whipped until its super fluffy. This ButterCream gives me longlasting moisture and shine for days at a time.

Link to Whipped Butter Cream:



Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them? Let me know down below!

In another post, I will update you guys on my favorite stylers!

As usual thanks for reading and until next time, Later kinky krew!





9 thoughts on “My Staple Natural Hair Products: 4C/4B Hair

  1. Great post! I really like the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil products. I like lightweight leave-in conditioners also. However, the Mielle Organics White Peony simply wasn’t for me. Again, great post girl!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Can’t believe I wasn’t following your blog already! Ok I feel so educated, I always wanted to try TGIN products but hesitated or became distracted by other brands. I’m definitely trying what you used especially the hair mask and deep conditioner, I need good slip because my hair tangles so easily. I’ve been obsessed with Hello Hydration 😍. O I make my own hair butter too, but I like the fluffiness in the one you use. Nice post, look forward to reading more content from you!

    Natonya |


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