Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair from Relaxed

Hey there kinky krew!

Have you been wanting to go natural but simply don’t know where to begin? All of us have been there before, and it’s never too late to transition back to your natural roots so don’t fear! I wanted to go back to the basics for some of my transitioning ladies so below I’m going to give you the tips I wish I knew when I transitioned to natural!


  1. Find Healthy Ways to Style

This has to be one of my top tips. As I was transitioning I found myself doing a lot of the same styles causing mechanical damage and thinning that I later had to cut and regrow. If you are doing sew-ins but constantly straightening your leave out, all you’re doing is slowing down the process. Some of my favorite Protective Styles for hair growth are twists, different buns and faux locs.



Link to My Healthy Faux Locs Tutorial:

2. Develop A Hair Care Regimen

If you have never been on a hair care journey before, it’s important that you begin a hair routine. A hair routine is like a schedule for your hair. Deciding whether you want to wash your hair once a week or every two weeks is important because getting in the habit of a hair routine will make things easier and following a set schedule also makes it hard to forget. If you schedule your wash days for Sunday, most times when that certain day rolls around your brain start to associate Sundays with washing your hair.


A hair care routine is especially important for you transitioning ladies because you must keep the line of demarcation moisturized at all times. The line of demarcation is the part of your hair where your natural hair and relaxed hair meet. This part of your hair is extremely fragile and susceptible to breakage so you must stay on top of moisturizing and deep conditioning.

When I first started going natural I had 4 products – A shampoo, conditioner (that I also used to deep condition), leave-in and an oil. Going natural is not expensive contrary to what some people believe. Just use good judgment, self-control and only pick up what is necessary!

Below are some staple products I used during my transition (Mane n Tail was a dream during my transition!)


3. Big Chop when you’re Ready

It’s your hair so don’t let the influence of others rush or deter you from doing what you want with it! If you want to transition for 2 months or 2 years – do it! As long as your hair is continuing to thrive and grow, transition for as long as you want. However, if you do notice excessive shedding or breakage at the line of demarcation I would trim hair off gradually as your natural hair begins to grow in.


Are you transitioning? If not, how long did you transition before you went fully natural? Let’s talk below!


2 thoughts on “Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair from Relaxed

  1. i transitioned for an year,i realized my edges were thin after frequent heat so i ended up having a big chop.i started all over again but with no knowledge about natural hair my hair suffered for like two year until i landed on your blog…
    i love the blog its soo knowledgeable.

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