Ways to Stretch 4C/4B Hair (Heat & Heatless)

Hey there kinky krew,

Over these few months of me protective styling, up’ing my deep conditioning game and using my whipped shea butter, my hair has been growing and retaining length like crazy! After removing my faux locs mid-September, I noticed that I’m now officially bra strap length!



I know it isn’t the end of the year, but I really wanted to share this rough length check with you guys because it is a huge milestone for me and my hair. This is the longest my hair has ever been and I’m ecstatic to set my next hair goal.

With me reaching my first hair goal of bra strap length, I’ve been wanting to show off more of my length lately with more stretched out hairstyles. Below you will find my favorite ways to stretch my natural hair, both with and without heat!







  1. Flexi Rods

I feel like Flexi rods are so underrated and are a great quick tool to use for giving your style that little extra stretch. Mid week when it’s time for me to remoisturize, I’ll retwist or braid my hair (depending on what style i’m maintaining), and wrap my twist or braid around a flexi rod. This not only gives me stretch my hair but adds to the definition.


hooded dryer


2. Sitting Under a Hooded Dryer

I notice that my hair has much more stretch and body when I don’t spend a million hours airdrying my hair 100%. So I’ve been towel drying about 50%, then going under my hooded dryer on low for about an hour with silk rollers or flexi rods.




3. Tension Method

The tension method on a low heat setting is one of my favorite stretching tips if you’re in a time crunch. I like this method because it’s quick, easy and requires no repeated brushing that could cause unnecessary hair fall or breakage. All you do is hold your hair taut and run your blow dryer nozzel up and down your section until dry.

*While this method is less damaging than your traditional blowout, you should still limit how often you do this because it is direct heat!


For all three methods, I use my Whipped Butter Cream to keep my hair from reverting and moisturized for 5-7 days. Check out my Etsy shop below to get your Fro Butter today!



Link to Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/552699552/fro-butter-whipped-shea-butter-cream?ref=shop_home_active_1




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