Updated Winter Haircare Regimen

Hey there kinky krew!

I’ve been gone for a while (SORRY), but I’m back again with my updated winter haircare regimen. I haven’t made too many changes to my routine, but I have tweaked a few things here and there that have enabled me to keep my hair hydrated throughout this harsh winter!












I shared with you guys a while ago that I went back to using shampoo with every wash, but with the cold dry winter upon us, I’ve decided to bring back cowashing into my washing schedule. I alternate each washday using shampoo one week, then the next time washday rolls around I’ll cowash. Both times following up with a deep condition. I’ve been a little more sporadic with my washing schedule, sometimes I wash once a week other times once every two weeks. For the most part, I’ve been listening to my hair and letting her tell me when it’s time to wash!

New Drying Process

On my wash days, my hair takes FOREVER to dry (like most of us I’m sure) and I began noticing that airdrying for hours was beginning to have negative effects on my hair. So I decided to cut down my airdry time by t-shirt drying or if I’m in a rush diffusing on cool is a much faster option. Having soaking wet hair for hours during winter is also a recipe for a nasty cold!





Moisture Routine/ Styling





Whether I’m rocking a puff or an “out” style, I moisturize my hair about 3 to 4 times a week. I know that seems like a lot, but our hair is already naturally dry and now that the weather is also dry we have to combat that with moisture as often as we can. You also don’t want to manipulate your hair when it’s even the least bit dry or brittle.

If I’m rocking my hair in a bun or puff I use a lightweight moisturizer and spray my edges with water and form my updo. I don’t slack with this because the edges and nape are a very fragile area and can snap if tension is applied without moisture.


Maintaining “Out” styles

If my hair is out, I maintain my style by doing 4 large braids the night before and doing the LCO method. My L is water, the cream is a thicker twisting butter and last I layer an oil on top. I do this each night before bed if I plan on wearing my hair out the next day. This keeps my hair stretched, moisturized and gives me great loose definition which I’ve been in love with lately.


Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and until next time, later kinky krew!









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