$400 Reverse Air Dryer Experience: Thoughts on My Revair on Natural Hair

Hi there kinky krew!

I’m sure you guys have seen the Revair blow dryer circling around online but yes I purchased it – and returned it! (LOL)




It was my birthday November 2nd, and I’d been seeing this hair dryer circling around on Instagram for weeks and with me being the big hair lover that I am – I gave in!

This past year I decided to tremendously cut back on my use of heat to see if that would help retain length faster and it has been working! If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know that I would religiously blow my hair out every 3 months, but after over a year of following this “regimen”, I decided to see if my hair would grow any faster if I cut down my heat to once or twice a year.

I’ve always hated the amount of manipulation I put my hair through just to achieve that big voluminous hair but had never been able to get around it – until I came across the revair…or so I thought. Let me stop teasing ya’ll and get into the tea on this hair dryer.





  • Low Manipulation

What first sparked my interests in the Revair hairdryer, was the fact that there was no manipulation during the hair drying process – which is a dream for naturals who love big blown out hair! All you have to do is detangle, put your hair in the nossel, and start drying. Its low manipulation but still gives you a decent amount of stretch which is a major plus.

  • Results

My results were cute! What can I say I love my hair with volume and I like the times when I can show off my length a bit. So I was feeling my results after I was finished.






Although I loved how little this device manipulated my hair to get it in a blown out state, the cons outweighed the pros and with the huge price tag, things just weren’t adding up.


  • Price

Like I’ve been stating this entire post, this hair tool is $400. Need I say more? If I’m paying this much for a hair tool, I need it to have no cons and do exactly what was advertised to me.

  • Bulky

This device is so big and bulky making it just a hassle to use. I should not feel like I just did an arm workout just after a few minutes of holding my hair dryer!  It’s definitely heavier than your average blow dryer and I wouldn’t dream of traveling with it.

  • No Control

This con ties into the bulkiness. Due to the nozzle of this device being so huge, it made it very difficult for me to get to my super thick/kinky roots. Leaving me with about a good 1 to 2 inches of hair that was still wet after I’d finished my entire head.

When using a blow dryer with a pik attachment, I’m able to really go in and concentrate on my roots – which hello is probably the most important part of getting a good blowout that will last. This is what ultimately made me return it. I didn’t spend $400 to end up with wet hair after hours of holding this huge contraption.


Final Thoughts

Overall I wouldn’t recommend spending the absurd amount of money they’re asking for this dryer. Especially if you have hair similar to mine, it’s honestly just a waste of money because it doesn’t fulfill all what type 4 naturals need in a hair dryer. After my experience with the my Revair hairdryer I’m pretty confused as to why naturals were targeted when promoting this product when it isn’t functional for our hair types. Nonetheless, I’d say save your time, energy and money and just stick to your trusty blow dryers with pik attachments and concentration nossels because this ain’t it! And if you’re still on the fence and want to try it wait until the dupe comes out in a few months.



Until next time, later kinky krew! xoxo


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