The Mane Choice Pink Lemonade Styling Mousse Review

Hey there kinky krew! 

I hope everyone is having a great start to their new year! 

You guys know that at the end of every year I blow my hair out for a little “treat yourself” moment and to see all the length I retained for that year. With me being on a new no heat regimen, I decided to ditch the blowout and do a heatless perm rod set for my weeklong trip to Dallas. (Besides this off and on rain in Texas would make it impossible to keep a blowout anyway)

With my new style in mind, I begin searching Youtube for Perm Rod set tutorials to see what styling foams all the naturals are using these days. After about 30 minutes I start to notice everyone raving about this one product in particular – the new Pink Lemonade Styling foam by the Mane Choice. I’ve honestly gotten to a place in my hair journey where I stick to what I know works and if I do decide to try something, I do my research. But in the midst of me rushing to get my hair done before my trip, after just a few videos I was dead set on purchasing this foam in particularSomething inside me said it would be fine because everyone seemed to love it – so after giving it the “ingredients” check in the Walmart aisle for 5+ minutes, I picked it up.

I installed the rods with the foam and a lightweight creamy leave-in to give my hair a moisture barrier and let the rods dry for two days. The morning of my trip, I begin to take down the rods with a bit of almond oil on my fingers tips and everything seems to be fine – my hair is dry, curls were defined and bouncy. I pinned them up with duck bell clips and traveled in my silk scarf in order to maintain definition as I traveled to my destination.

It is not until the next day when I begin to fluff and style that I realize my hair looked like the north pole.

I desperately tried for the next two days to make it work by applying serums and oils to cover the flaking but to no avail. And not only were there flakes galore, but my hair was super sticky to the touch. Just a mess. So I had to do the unthinkable – I ended up having to re-purchase my staple washday products and rewash my hair on vacation. I tried to make it work with my go-to braidout (pics below) and although it looked OK, up close I looked like a powdered donut and forget about having touchably soft hair! Due to this nasty product and oil residue from me trying to mask it, I was forced to do my entire washday again.


All in all, I ended up spending more money and time on my hair which was extremely annoying because the whole point was to do the opposite. This was my first and last time purchasing a styling product by the Mane Choice. (Do you know this mess was $15! They can keep it lol) For the price point I was very disappointed and with the hype surrounding this line I did expect to at least like it and not want to throw it directly into the trash.

After re-washing and styling my hair

Do you like the Mane Choice? Do you think the quality of the Mane Choice products correlates well with their prices?

6 thoughts on “The Mane Choice Pink Lemonade Styling Mousse Review

  1. Girl, I tried their biotin infused styling gel and I noticed I had flakes too. I do like it, but the flakes are annoying. Might just give another product in their line a try. Thanks for this info though!

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  2. I tried their 4 Leaf Clover Gel. It works well. However, it’s definitely not a re-apply gel (like if you want to refresh your edges for a style). It will be flake city! One of my friends tried another one of their gels (I can’t remember which one) and she said it caused flakes for her too. Good post!


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