Loose Twists for Length Retention: LOC Method on Twists

Hey there kinky krew!

After my mini hair disaster last month, (if you haven’t seen my latest post check that out –The Mane Choice Pink Lemonade Styling Mousse Review.), I’ve gone into protective styling mode to nourish my tresses back to health.

Length Check


My hair is now at a length where it rubs against my clothing and with it being winter, sweaters and knitted fabrics can snag and cause split ends.

After doing a bit of research for natural hair protective styles, I stumbled upon “loose twists”. I’m no stranger to mini twists but the slightly messy look of loosely twisted natural hair is something I’ve fallen in love with. Some of my hairspirations for this look are the Urban Bush Babes.


loose twists
Urban Bush Babes


Below I’m going to show you guys how I do the LOC method and what products I use to keep my loose twists moisturized throughout the work week!



The only product I use to twist my hair is my Whipped Shea Butter Cream. I find that this Shea Butter moisturizes my hair but the buttery texture allows me to have an effortless takedown – no matting or tangling after having them installed for weeks yet my hair remains moisturized.




I plan on playing around more with “loose twists” and hope to do more Urban Bush Babes inspired looks soon!


I recently launched some new Whipped Shea Butter Creams (If you don’t know I have a line of Whipped Shea Butters here on my blog and on my Etsy shop!) If you’re interested the links will be below!

Whipped Shea Butter Cream





What methods do you use to retain length?


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