TGIN: Sweet Honey Hair Milk Review

It’s been a minute kinky krew!

I’ve been a busy bee getting my hair care brand in order (read more here: ), switching jobs, and potentially moving! So needless to say 2019 has been super busy already, but anywho, I just had to pop in and giving ya’ll the tea on this new TGIN Sweet Honey Hair Milk!



I was recently contacted by TGIN to share my thoughts on their new lightweight leave-in/styler and let me tell you guys this stuff is the truth! If you’ve been a long time reader of mine, you’d know that the honey miracle mask is one of my staple deep conditioners, and this product is reminiscent of that mask also containing honey as one of their main ingredients.

This hair milk is very light-weight which I personally love because they give great slip, leaving my hair moisturized enough for styling but light enough to pair with a heavier styler without getting build-up.

I personally wanted to see what this product was all about so I used it solo and my results were better than expected. Super soft yet defined, and gave me about 4 days of moisture.


Day 1 Hair


With my damp hair parted into 4 sections, I used about a quarter size pump on each quadrant and then proceeded to style – And let me tell you guys, my hair melted as soon as this stuff touched my hair, it soaked it right up! The consistency of this product makes it a dream to detangle with and literally melts your knots away!

All around this product is a 10 out of 10 mainly because it’s one of my favorite things – it’s multifunctional. I can use it to moisturize, detangle and to style my hair! If you’re a natural on a budget and you love using super moisturizing products with slip, this is a must buy.

Day 3 hair, still moisturized & soft


Get your TGIN Honey Hair Milk here:


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